Did you know that you could be entitled to compensation?
In case of delayed flight, cancellation, overbooking and loss of luggage, the company owes
you more apologies.

The problem may have happened in up to 2 years.
The entire administrative process is free. You only pay when you receive your compensation.

Consult if you are entitled to compensation now!

Understand how Olympus Help Flight works

1. You tell us your problem

Answer a few basic questions using our platform. It takes less than 3 minutes.

2. We will evaluate your case quickly

Our team of specialists will determine if you are entitled to compensation and how much you are entitled to receive.

3. You snap photos of the required documentation

If you are entitled to compensation, we will request that you send us copies of documents required as proof for the process

4. We take care of the legal process

We handle all the beaurocracy for free Our team will work to secure your rights.

5. You receive your  compensation

Once your case is won, you will receive your compensation in your bank account. OLYMPUS HELP FLIGHT will retain 20% to 30% as a service fee.


Are you ready to be compensated?

Discover how much the airline company must provide in compensation.
This service is free; you only pay when you win!

Soon, our app!

Thinking of your convenience, you will have in your pocket, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, personalized assistance for problems with your airline.

Did you delay, cancel or misplace?
Count on us!

About Olympus Help Flight

Olympus Help Flight is one of the largest and best compensation companies for airline passengers (customers) in the World Aviation segment. Our Excellence is to seek the satisfaction of each passenger (customer) and guarantee their right to the damage caused to the same by the airlines.

Our Mission is to provide excellent services to our (clients) passengers to receive their compensation at any time we are requested.

Come to be a GOD in OLYMPUS HELP FLIGHT and have your right and liquid indemnity in your hands.

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